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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 21, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman and we've got the best videos of the day "right this minute." dude's out partying when he suddenly runs off. >> his buddy falls behind, tries to stop him but -- >> how he survived one brutal hit and what he tells us about the night he nearly died. you can tell he's up to no good but -- >> you won't believe what this bad guy wants to steal. >> the parking lot heist that takes a whole lot of nerve. >> everybody is looking. a motorcyclist spots something -- >> in the middle of the road. >> see the random act of
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manleyness to keep the street safe. and an update on the dude who became an internet sensation. >> the lost film chronicles. >> nice. >> i found your iphone on the ground. >> now meet the iphone hero who doesn't even have a smartphone. >> people send me pictures and i can't see what the hell they are. spring break time. a lot of people going out having a good time. this incident happens about a year ago but the video now just catching fire. you'll see why. one guy taking video of his other two buddies. you can see the guy in the white shirt starts to take off and his buddy falls behind and tries to stop him but -- >> no way. >> oh, my god, oh. >> that was him. that was him. he goes running down the street. stumbles, bumps into that building. loses his footing and stumbles out into the street and gets hit by a car. >> it happens in just a second. >> that guy is steve ross.
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steve nearly bit his tongue off. lost part of his teeth. fractured a vertebrae in his neck. and believe it or not, he's we just talked to him on the phone. he's actually on spring break right now but this video getting picked up all over the place. it's difficult to watch. but it's also a good reminder, be careful! >> yeah. >> i feel bad for him that this happened. i'm glad he recovered, but that driver had no time to stop. >> the sound is just horrible. >> steve told us one of the doctors say because he's in a more relaxed state his injuries weren't as serious as they could have been. >> we hear it over and over again but drink responsibly cannot be taken lightly. >> if you run out in the street like an idiot and get hit by a car, the driver has to think about it for the rest of his or her life. >> and acknowledges his behavior on a twitter feed, drunk idiot runs out into the street. >> we're not going to disagree with him, then. >> no.
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probably didn't realize the dash cam was still rolling in this van. this video from south whales in the uk, you won't believe what this bad guy wants to steal. the bumper. the entire bumper. you can see his head but you can mostly hear what he's doing. >> that sucks. especially you park in this empty lot. you can't even see hardly any other cars around and you come back and it's just missing. it's not like someone ran into you and ripped this thing off. >> the sad thing is that's not all he took. he took the fog lights off the van. >> he takes the lights. he takes the bumper. >> police are looking for this guy but they have a pretty good look of what he looks like thanks to the dash camera. this bad guy in waterford near detroit got away with a lot more than a bumper and some fog lights. this party and pizza shop was robbed. police were inside when a man came in with a gun.
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>> that's the worst place to rob a party and pizza shop. that sounds like the most fun ever. >> the happiest place on earth. >> you guys, the people in the store noticed and they think it's a toy and one of the female employees start laughing. one of the employees talked to xyz. >> you are on camera, man, get out of here. the gun isn't real. >> we stand there laughing and for real this is a joke, right? >> once he pulled the trigger leon ducked and the woman is calling 911 and they get out of the store and they say take whatever you want and the man got some cash. they say he got close to $1,000 that he stuffed in that duffel bag. and you see him on video he just walks casually out like he didn't do anything. yesterday we dove into the messtry of the lost phone chronicles, how could you forget this? >> i found your i phone on the ground. >> a girl named jenny dodge lost her phone. she was out in new orleans it was her birthday st. patrick's day, they use a friend's app to find the phone.
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it turns up at a bar called st. joe's. when she gets her phone back there's all these videos on her phone of this guy a stranger who found her phone. >> not quite sure what to do with this phone. i don't want you to think i stole it or anything. just kind of waiting for a call right now. >> coolest guy ever let's just say. coolest nicest guy ever. >> so funny, speaking to the camera, looking for the bus the whole time, misses the bus. >> still no bus. i'm walking, i thought i would take the bus but the bus doesn't seem to be showing up. still waiting for the bus. the bus hasn't show up. oh, [ bleep ] so busy talking to you i missed the bus. >> hilarious guy, and the bar will take care of it. >> i found this phone on the table will you take care of it? >> jenny goes back and finds the phone and her day is made when she saw the videos. we talked to her yesterday. edward hike the man behind the mystery joining us "right this
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minute" with a hair cut and a shave. >> you look good. >> we laughed and laughed about this, man, you're a funny guy. how did they reach out to you? how did they figure out who they are? >> they put them on youtube and they got in touch with my wife's facebook account. that's how they found it. >> your wife saw the videos and said i think it's you? >> a friend of a friend gave us a call. have you seen ed on the internet? i said, i haven't. >> so what made you start recording the video when you found the phone? >> so, i had about, i don't know, four or five miles to go so i was pretty bored and so i started taking pictures and then started taking videos that's how it all started basically boredom is the short answer. i don't have an i-phone or anything like that. >> do you have a flip phone? >> here it is. >> oh, beautiful. yeah. nice. >> nice. >> people send me pictures and i can't see what the hell they are, you know. >> were you a little bit nervous when somebody said, hey, did you
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see ed on the internet? >> yeah. it was an e-mail from our friend george and he -- the subject was ed inside of cyberspace and i was, like, oh, god. >> any plans to hang out with the dodges now? >> i think we're going to go get a drink with them. >> yeah, maybe at st. joe's. >> oh, cool. i guess when you are a former nascar driver you have the need for speed but that does not justify leading police officers from three different states on a high-speed car chase through utah which is exactly what happened back in january of 2013 when former nascar driver tyler walker did that exact thing. they ended up chasing walker's black bmw for about an hour and a half. at one point in the video he appears to be pulling over. >> in that amount of time you have time to start making sense in your head to reason a little bit, maybe i should pull over. >> police officers are pulling up behind him -- >> stop the car!
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>> -- he just revs the engine and takes off. >> you said he's a former nascar driver. is he trying out again looking for another sponsor? >> terrible attempt. >> trying to put together, like, a resume table yo look at my skills. >> i don't think he's turning right, too, you only turn left in nascar. >> good point. >> he eventually ends up being forced to stop because he tries to get off an on-ramp that has oncoming traffic and he is arrested. it appears as though he had an open bottle of vodka and you see an officer emptying that right in front of the dash cam in this patrol car. walker was charged with, listen to this, evading possession of amphetamines marijuana and narcotics equipment, driving under the flujs of drugs, open container drinking in a public place, all of of this is a combination of felonies and misdemeanors. back in july of 2013 walker did
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ot guilty to these charges. >> stop the car! man walks into a restaurant but he's here to grab, go. >> he's pretty sly. he's pretty slick. >> why there's more to this video than just a quick pickpocket. and cruising the streets doggie style. >> guy's got his hands -- he's holding it.
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this is surveillance footage
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from birmingham in the uk. pay close attention to this van inside the van is a jeweler and his young teenage nephew. as they get out of the van, watch what happens. >> oh. >> in comes a masked man with a crowbar and starts beating this jeweler viciously and spraying what reports are calling some kind of gas. two other masked men come in also with crowbars and sticks beating these guys, but you'll notice one of the masked men actually forgot to pull his mask all the way down so we do get a slight look at the side of his face. this all happened back in january but police in birmingham are just now releasing this video because they've done all kinds of research and investigating but they haven't had any luck finding these guys yet so they are looking for the help of the public hoping someone recognizes these guys. the jeweler did hand over the keys. the guys stole the van. inside that van nearly $500,000 worth of jewelry. >> how serious with their injuries? >> their injuries were quite serious. they were taken to the hospital.
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>> wow. >> how scary, but most of all how scary for the nephew. this next video is surveillance footage from a restaurant in moscow. walking in you see two businessmen those are iranian businessmen an iranian and his translator. as these businessmen sit down you can see they have their bags and travel right beside their chairs i would imagine thinking they're keeping a watchful eye on their bags but the men that walked in behind them are up to no good. watch him. he starts to fidget and starts to pretend to make another phone call but he's pretty sly. he's pretty slick. he reaches down behind his chair and slyly moves that man's bag toward his chair and then you'll watch him pick that bag right up and he begins rifling through it. in the plain view of other people. he's pulling out cash. in all about $10,000 and then on top of that an undisclosed amount of iranian dollars. >> that's just bold to do it right behind the guy's back literally. >> i've seen too many movies but
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i wonder if it's a drop. >> right now officials are investigating and they're using this surveillance footage. officials also believe that maybe these guys on the side are also part of this. they think it might be professionals, organized crime coming in knowing exactly what you're up to. >> this guy here facing them didn't see any of that. i know his head's down but seems a little fishy. that adorable human on the left is miles, the adorable dog on the right is konka and apparently they love playing with each other. >> yeah, there's nothing better than laughter from a child. that's one of the best sounds on the planet. and it seems like the dog loves the sound, too, because the dog keeps performing trying to get the child to giggle. >> he doesn't necessarily pose a threat. laughing at me but -- >> strangely like the sound of those giggles when i bark.
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>> it's pretty fun to watch. >> it is. and then there's this video. the young man on the left moving like jagger would be jackson asher and that is his young little infant brother sawyer. jackson has a future on "dancing with the stars." >> an audition tape for something. for some sort of dancing. we just got to figure out where exactly that fits. >> obviously a very good big brother. a series of unexpected things on the road. the first one in this juking video we see this guy on his motorcycle and driving down the road. you see that suddenly traffic stops and starts swerving out of the way. that is because the couch just fell off a vehicle and is now in the middle of the road. >> man. >> that's quite the traffic hazard. >> yeah. dangerous, too, for the motorcyclist. >> you are min furniture, tie it >> moves out of the way to the shoulder, then gets off his motorcycle, walks over to the couch and starts
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pushing it out of the way. >> oh. >> nilce guy. >> to clear the way for the other drivers. apparently the person that dropped that couch did come back later. now this for sure is completely unexpected. this is in colombia. that guy on his motorcycle, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> the dog. the dog's steering? >> the guy's got his hands -- >> he's holding the hips of the dog! >> on the back of the dog's motorcycle. >> woof. >> it look like the guy is maybe steering the bike just by shifting his weight. >> yeah. >> i mean, obviously he is still in control because if something started to go wrong all you have to do is reach over, but believe it or not but there are a bunch of other videos that appear to be this same dog and same rider on the streets of colombia. when a sign says -- >> wet cement, construction
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area. probably listen to that sign. >> how not paying attention has this driver paying for it now. and it's a storm of tumbleweeds taking over. >> this is a road that is covered in tumbleweeds and you even see some of them flying across the sky. >> why this could be the start of -- >> tumble-geddon 2014.
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there joyriding with a stolen car. and they left him there, right? he was taken to the hospital and treated for pelvic injuries. he was okay. this group was up to some more bad stuff after this, too. apparently they escaped and assaulted another man, tried to steal his car. that guy they hit with a fence. he had a bunch of minor injuries but they figured out who these people are. >> could have died. >> right. >> it's a terrible, terrible accident but that thing didn't fall to complete pieces. >> you could have had teenage fatalities for bad judgment. >> right. from one bonehead move to another. now, this one, if you see a sign, if there's a sign that says wet cement, construction area, probably listen to that seen. there's some tracks, where's the benz, there's the benz. >> how do you not see this? it's not like it's dark out either. >> the loose translation is apparently ignore construction workers. construction workers were saying, dude, don't drive
3:52 pm
through here. >> he deserves it. >> the tires cemented now. >> look at this. >> oh, no, you are thinking how will they get it out of there? what do they need? >> a jackhammer. >> a jackhammer. toward the end of the video it looks like they're able to free a couple of wheels. >> there's got to be something wrong with the car. >> right. and the expense to the repairs to the car and the road. you got to redo the entire road. tumbleweed action this is crazy. can only drive down the one side of the road. >> there's a tumbleweed invasion and there are videos all over the internet and instagram that shows just how severe these tumbleweeds are. >> this is a road! >> i thought it was a field. >> i did, too. >> no, no, no, no, this is a road covered in tumbleweeds and you even see some of them flying across the sky. >> we are being hit on all
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sides. >> because obviously the winds are so strong, 40 to 50 miles an hour and it's just dragging these things completely in the way of drivers. >> only a mterime before tumble-geddon 2014. >> that is kind of what is happening. people are getting stuck inside their homes and unable to get out because these tumbleweeds are covering the front doors and the lawns and in some cases entire neighborhoods. people can't drive or walk or get out of their houses. >> that would be quite a nuisance because you can't predict when they will blow in your way. you could be walking to your car out of the shopping mall or out of the grocery store and suddenly you are attacked by tumbleweeds. spring is here. and look who comes out to say hello. >> this little squirrel came and said, do you know what, your neck looks real comfo
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i always feel bad laughing at these.
3:56 pm
these three guys riding their mountain bikes down through the forest. first guy looks like he's probably got the most ability in the group because here he comes. >> oh, nice. >> yeah, does a little jump. definitely not professional. probably just a couple kids out having a good time. >> the course they set up. i like that. >> nice. here comes the second guy. making his way through the trees weaving trying to follow the same path as the first guy. here comes -- does a little jump there. get a little out of shape but stays upright. this guy -- >> oh. >> oh. he's not wearing a helmet. this is bad! >> speared the tree. he was, like, a human spear on the tree except he didn't stick it. >> ah. >> here's why it's okay to laugh. he's probably friends with the camera guy and they posted it online. really embarrassed he would have had it deleted so -- >> oh. >> just lodges himself up against that very stout tree. skateboarding bulldog. ♪
3:57 pm
there's nothing like humans interacting with small mammals and i mean friendly small mammals. we start with the mean kitty channel, they detail their awesomeness. >> holy cat condo. >> these cats now have their own room. >> open lots of toys everywhere and a lot less cat hair throughout the house. >> they have their own room. i don't know what more they could want. >> he could call this cat like a dog and have the cat jump from condo to condo. >> that's pretty impressive. >> here's what's interesting, even though he has a lot of cat toys the walls are blank and he's asking viewers on youtube to submit ideas or drawings or something so he can decorate the walls. >> i remember this guy he had an extremely viral video, he did the mean kitty song. ♪
3:58 pm
>> yeah. that guy. >> this is a mean kitty. >> yeah. >> but they're not mean at all. they're nice. >> this small mammal not a pet but super friendly. the person who posted this video went outside and this squirrel came in and said your neck looks real comfortable. i'll sit on it. that's what the squirrel is doing eating his little lunch. >> they are cute but i'm afraid at any moment they'll turn and sink the fangy teeth into your leg or something. >> they are so sweet. i'd go to this wenhe bench ever waiting for the squirrel to come back. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time, everybody. female announcer: during sleep train's big gift event
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>> a dozen investigation. dr. oz: today's show is going to change the way you shop for your family's food. >> the dangerous ingredient -- caramel coloring. dr. oz: it increases cancer. >> we don't think coloring food brown should increase people's cancer risks. >> are food manufacturers sacrificing your health? dr. oz: why do we allow this? >> a dr. oz investigation, next. dr. oz: today's show is going to change the way you shop for your family's food. america's most trusted consumer advocate, consumer reports is here to break the news on their controversial new study. they're saying all of these products contain an ingredient that may have the potential to


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